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Christinas´ book with stories for troubled children (only available in german)
Der Zauberer Jeronimo

Thomas Ring, born 1969 in Germany has worked as a business consultant for many years, mainly in the team building and decision making process. He has managed the high wire artist Phillip Petit and has worked with psychologists and trainers.
He was the driving part of the complicated team building process at Hotel Hacienda Zuleta and host for many VIP guests.

Now he uses ancient shaman rituals to help others in life changing situations and also teaches tourism realted subjects at the university of Otavalo.
As an unschooling Dad of three sons you will find him camping in the mountains, on the soccer field or helping to build anything from boats to houses in the fairy tale forest.

Christina Ring, born 1977 studied some Marketing and lots of Psychology. She has worked for advertising companies and headhunting agencies, and at Hacienda Zuleta she was responsible for the certification process in sustainable tourism and for the 100 head horse operation. She also took on the position as director of a not-for profit organization and worked extensively with underprivileged children form rural areas.
Christina is a published author and is now writing about equine assisted therapy.
Now she is specializing in trauma related brief therapy for children and you will find her coaching people and horses through trauma. She also teaches her method Horse Guided Empowerment™ to others and just set up a 501(c)3 to help make empowerment sessions accessible to more local children and families.

 Part of our team are our two family dogs, three cats who follow us around everywhere, six horses and of course our three sons Noah, Luca and Elias. The boys are unschooled German-Ecuadorian-Argentine globetrotters. They like soccer, knights and horses, playmobil and carpintery. One day they all sleep in one bed, the next they insist on their own living cuarters. They are caring and loving brothers and sometimes they fight about a bubblegum.
They are our inspiration and greatest teachers. We are curious where their path will lead them....


We do not share names or client lists.
The process lived at our Retreats is private and a personal experience for our guests, therefore we do not ask for video testimonials. 
Testimonial for "Journey to the Center" - Retreat by UK business mentor Katharine Dever",

"First day back in the real world and all I can say is wow, wow, wow! Its beyond words. Its like I am seeing the place with new eyes. Actually what I have experienced is more true and real than anything I've ever known and my plan is to bring more of it around here too. And yes, I am sure we will be back. My daugther keeps talking about you all :-)) I love this picture, it brings the moment back. What a crazy ride and life changing transformation. A big thanks to katharine Dever and my fellow pioneers for this amazing retreat. Thanks also to Christina & Thomas for sharing their gifts and medicines and making us feel so welcome & looking after my daughter! I will keep the magic bubble of Ecuador in my heart."

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